• New York: The Global Hub of Innovation and Finance

    What we do

    RoboTech Frontier Hub is an accelerator focused on pioneering advancements in robotics and AI to transform industries and enhance human capabilities.



    Positioning New York as the unparalleled global capital of innovation and finance, our vision at the RoboTech Frontier Hub is to lead the way in revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge robotics, automation, and AI technologies. We envision a future where New York serves as the epicenter of groundbreaking innovation, driving economic growth and societal transformation on a global scale. By leveraging our city's unique blend of financial prowess and innovative spirit, we aim to pioneer solutions that not only optimize business operations but also address pressing societal challenges, shaping the world's future.




    Our mission at the RoboTech Frontier Hub is to catalyze innovation and economic prosperity by harnessing the synergies between New York's status as the world's financial capital and its burgeoning innovation ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives, we aim to accelerate the adoption of robotics, automation, and AI technologies across various industries, driving unprecedented growth and sustainability. By fostering an environment of creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, we empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancement.


    Join us in shaping the future of innovation and finance, as we propel New York to new heights of global leadership and impact.


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