Accelerating Co-Development for Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction

    Join our accelerator program dedicated to catalyzing the co-development of humans and AI technologies, with a focus on energy efficiency and carbon reduction through robotic solutions. We prioritize initiatives aimed at making cost-saving, energy-efficient upgrades while reducing carbon emissions.

  • Sustainable startups are entrepreneurial ventures designed to address environmental and social challenges while maintaining economic viability. These businesses integrate sustainability into their core operations and objectives, aiming to minimize negative impacts on the environment and society while promoting positive change.


    Here's how our accelerator aligns with this vision:



    Mentorship and Guidance

    • Industry Experts: Benefit from mentorship by seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who grasp the importance of integrating robotics and AI to address energy efficiency and carbon reduction challenges.

    Access to Resources

    • Cutting-edge Facilities: Access state-of-the-art facilities and technologies crucial for developing innovative robotic solutions tailored for energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives.

    Networking Opportunities

    • Professional Connections: Engage in networking opportunities with professionals, investors, and potential partners to foster collaborations and advancements in energy-efficient robotics and AI applications.

    Funding Support

    • Financial Resources: Receive funding and investment opportunities to support the development of AI-enabled robotic solutions focused on energy efficiency and carbon reduction, enabling startups to innovate without financial constraints.

    Training and Workshops

    • Skill Enhancement: Participate in tailored workshops and training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge in energy-efficient robotics, automation, and AI, leveraging formal methods and decentralized control strategies.

    Market Access

    • Exposure and Insights: Gain exposure to potential customers and market insights, accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions addressing energy efficiency and carbon reduction challenges.

    Customized Support

    • Tailored Assistance: Receive personalized support tailored to address unique challenges and opportunities in energy-efficient robotics and AI development, guiding startups through every stage of their journey.


    Embark on a transformative journey to revolutionize energy efficiency and carbon reduction through robotics, automation, and AI. Join our accelerator program and contribute to the co-development of humans and technology for a sustainable future.

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